About Us

About True Blue Studio

My philosophy is to create art pieces that evoke happiness, positivity, natural beauty and to connect with people's emotions of joy, peace and uplift. My art is an ode to colors, nature and mother Earth.



About Me

My name is Carolina Avalos, I was born in El Salvador and move to California in 2010, I am the artistic mind and founder of TRUE BLUE STUDIO, my creative journey is very versatile and it moves between painting (watercolor, acrylics), mix media (fibers, wood, gilding) and textile design (upcycled apparel, block printing, natural dyeing).
I graduated college in 1993 with a Bachelor in Architecture at a time when plans and renderings were hand drawn and colored using watercolors, acrylics, oils and alcohol pens, every rendering was a piece of art;  all this knowledge and background have made my painting  process very organic and natural since both are created using the same organizing principles, the same visual elements, and the same engagement of the senses.

My favorite subject to paint is California's Natural beauty, its mountains, coastline, deserts, ocean life, the inspiration is infinite!

Much Love, 


For commissions, consignment, and wholesale please email me at

trendscal (at) gmail (dot) com


Giving Back

"There is more joy in giving than in receiving" —Ana Teresa, Carolina's Mother

Each year, True Blue Studio runs a fundraiser to benefit organizations. In the past True Blue has donated to a variety of organizations including 

  • Monarch Services Shelter for domestic violence victims in Santa Cruz
  • Three various hospitals in Australia in response to the wildfires
  • Masks for farm workers which helped provide farmworkers with PPE during the rise of the pandemic
  • SPCA, Ben Lomond Fire Protection District, and Twin Lakes Evacuation Camp in response to the wildfires in Santa Cruz County
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz
  • The homeless population in Santa Cruz
  • Every Mom Counts which works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for everyone